Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lonely No More

So last night I was supposed to go out to the bars with my friend but… my body had a different plan for me and decided to give me some kind of stomach bug. Or food poisoning. Either way, I will never eat burritos ever again. So instead of enjoying the last weekend of 2012 with a pint of beer and some handsome tourist boys, I stayed home and laid in bed with Saltines, a couple of liters of water, and a lot of oranges. And Lucy.

For a brief moment in time, I thought, “Wow, it sure does suck that I don’t have anyone to come take care of me. No one to call (except my mom, who dropped crackers down to me from the second story balcony) who will come rub my back and give me chicken soup.”

But then I felt that warmth radiating from my cat where she lay curled up in the curve of my body and I suddenly didn’t feel so lonely anymore. She might not settle my stomach but she sure is receptive to my needs. Every time that I got out of bed to run to the bathroom (and that was a lot of times) she came with me, sometimes she even took the lead and I had to shout expletives at her because she was going so damn slow! And when I crawled back into bed, she did, too and most times, she came right up next to me and curled up at my side. Loneliness took a back seat real quick. My sweet cat brought me comfort in my time of need. That’s all I could ask for right then. And maybe some Pepto Bismol.


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