Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Looking Forward

Christmas is officially over! Which is a relief because I’ve come to dread the holidays. There’s something about being alone on Christmas that makes it excruciating. However, I did enjoy the festivities with my sister-cousin and her boys. They live a few hours south and so I drove down to spend a week with them. Christmas is always more fun when you can buy presents for kids but next year I’m looking forward to a quiet Christmas without the chaos of four growing boys! Hopefully next Christmas I will be settled in Vancouver and can begin my own Christmas traditions and have my own tree (cat-willing!).

Only five more months until I leave (give or take a few weeks) and I’m experiencing emotional flip-flops as I try to decided if I’m ready or not. Emotionally I am ready but it’s the financial and professional part that I am worried about. I continually doubt myself and my ability to find a good job, budget my money, and stay on track. I just have to believe in myself because at this point I’m the only person standing in my way! If all goes as planned, I will be moved and living in Vancouver by mid-June. I can do it!


  1. I hear you!! I stand in my own way a lot as well. You CAN do it though, people move everyday. Just tell yourself everything will work out! :)

    I plan to move out of my parents as soon as I save some money, which I will hopefully be able to start doing quick -- starting a new full time job next week. I predict good things ahead for us both!

    PS I love your blog, I'm a cat lady too!