Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Day Juice Fast: Day 3

Today. What a bitch. I felt like shit all day long. From start to finish. Which sucks because the first two days were great. I woke up feeling stuffed up, cranky, and slightly nauseous. I took a shower and made a breakfast juice – cucumber, blueberries, carrot, celery, and lime - and drank most of it during a walk with my friend, Shanna. That thing cleaned me out. So gross.

I went home right after that because I felt so uncomfortable. My whole body ached, my skin hurt. It was so weird. But I had to come home and continue working on a final that is due tomorrow. I spent all day working on that, feeling like poo the whole time. I had this horrible taste in my mouth all day that was mostly just complete and total disgust for juice. I really didn’t want anymore! It seemed like the least appealing thing on the planet.

I ended up drinking some tea around noon and then had another juice around 2. It was a veggie blend but I can’t remember what I put into it. It wasn’t so bad but I really didn’t want to drink it. However, it did keep me full for a while. I didn’t have anything but water well past six o’clock but my body was in revolt. My mind was foggy, my skin crawling, my attitude completely down the toilet. I walked over to make another juice and it took everything I had not to throw up all over my juicer. I couldn’t even fathom drinking another juice. I didn’t want to. It sounded horrible. But I was hungry…

I ended up eating a banana and two crackers.

I also had some soup.

I know.

Fast broken.

*sigh* If I ever finish something that I’ve started, it will be a cold day in hell, eh?

Actually, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself that I didn’t make it through the entire three days. I did it for freaking 2 and 3/4 days though! That’s a long time to fast and drink ONLY juice, water, and herbal tea. I did a good thing for my body and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it for as long as I did. But my body just couldn’t handle it. Or maybe that was my brain. It was getting mixed signals and it wanted real food. I didn’t want to bust down McDonald’s doors or anything, in fact, I hardly had an appetite at all. But I just couldn’t drink another juice. I should have just left it at that and had lemon water or tea or something. But the banana and crackers and soup won’t kill me. My body will forgive me. My heart will, too. Eventually.

Ultimately, I’ve finished my fasting and hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. Full report to come later.

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