Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I’ve been following Meghan Tonjes for a while now. I don’t even remember where I first heard her music but she is FABULOUS. I love all of her songs – her voice is beautiful and she is absolutely gorgeous. She’s been on a weight loss and fitness journey for a while now and while I’ve only picked up bits and pieces of it through her YouTube channel, what I have seen has left me inspired and wishing that I could be as strong and beautiful and determined as she is. This year, in 2013, Meghan Tonjes is my role model. I’ve written before in past blogs (or maybe even past versions of this blog) about her song “This Year” and I’ll write about it again right now. This is a fabulous, wonderful, perfect song for the new year. Thank you for this song, Meghan. Thank you for the inspiration.

This year is gonna be better and you’re gonna see
This year I’m gonna be stronger and a braver me
This year, I’m gonna make it ‘cause I said I would
Do all the things you said I never could

I may not be perfection
But I never claimed to be
Maybe if I was thin or beautiful classically
Of all of the things I carry
And all of the things I know
I know that I will be loved
No matter where I go

Visit Meghan’s YouTube channel here. And her Facebook page here.

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