Saturday, January 19, 2013

Juicing Journeys: Thoughts… “If Not Now, Then When?”

It’s been about two and a half weeks since I changed my diet and exercise habits and I’ve officially lost a total of 9 pounds! I am so proud of myself because I’ve found a method that is good for me, that works, and is something that I like and can see myself doing well into the future. I don’t feel deprived or starved of my favorite foods. I’m getting nutrition, eating healthier, and I feel stronger and smarter and much more confident about myself and my will power. I’m proud of myself for taking control of my life and my health. I feel like I’ve unearthed a whole new person… a new Heather, all shiny and sparkly. It feels good to be in control. I recently saw a quote that sort of had a slap-upside-the-head effect for me…


If not now, then when?

If you’re struggling with the walls that you’ve built around your heart or your mind or your body, ask yourself that question and see what it takes to change. Can you do it? I did and I am! And I feel fabulous!

Yogi Juice w/kale - Bliss CafeIn preparation for my 10-day juice fast and body detox, I have been trying out different juice recipes and juice bars around town. On Thursday I visited the Bliss Café in San Luis Obispo and had their Yogi Juice ($5) – carrot, apple, celery, ginger, & lemon – with a $1 addition of kale. It turned out to be a strange terracotta color but no matter – it was scrumptious!

I also tried the juice bar at New Frontiers also in San Luis Obispo. Their juices are much cheaper ($3-$4 per juice) but they don’t have as many juices on their menu. I tried their Carrot Plus Three juice and chose apple, lemon, and spinach. It was pretty good – not my favorite juice that I’ve ever had but I would have it again.

When I’m doing my 10-day detox I plan on visiting juice bars for my mid-day juice since I can’t juice in the middle of the day and it’s hard to store freshly made juice throughout the day. I’m starting my juice fast on a Friday so that is six days of lunch time juices, not including the weekends because I can juice at home. About $20-$30 dollars for the whole fast if I buy juices from either place. And plus, they are great places to collect new recipes, too.

I tried a new recipe today which is probably my new favorite juice and one of my first veggie blends. I’ll call it the Green Chia Monster!

IMG_5823Green Chia Monster
3 stalks celery
1 cucumber (peeled)
1 green apple
1/2 Gala apple
1 inch nub of ginger, sliced
3 kale leaves
parsley (handful)
1 lemon (peeled, leave the pith)

I juiced them in a random order but I made sure to put the ginger and kale in right before the apple because the apple releases a lot of the juices. I also wrapped the parsely inside the kale leaves to make sure that the sprigs didn’t just flip back into the pulp collector.

IMG_5824I added 2 teaspoons of chia seeds, too. I bought them from New Frontiers yesterday because I’ve been researching their amazing health benefits. I just mixed them up inside of the juice until they began to gel because they will sink to the bottom. Once they gel, they float but still stick close to the bottom of the juice. They have the weirdest consistency once they gel but it’s fun – I like it! Needless to say, I had the most wonderfully healthy juice today! Probably my favorite recipe so far, right next to my Bountiful Breakfast recipe.

A drink well drunk!


But don’t worry! I may be healthier and thinking smarter with my body but I’m still a cat lady. Lucy doesn’t really factor into my body health becaue she’s more of an emotional healer but trust me, she’s still doing her job and making me happy and well-loved on a daily basis. Sweet kitty, I love her so!


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  1. I love checking out juice bars and trying out the different options each place offers. It's a great way to learn about the health benefits of each ingredient as well as to stock up on recipes to make on my own when I'm nowhere near a juice bar. Do you still drink juice or was it strictly for a 10-day juice fast?