Monday, January 14, 2013

Lesson Learned

Since the start of the new year, as part of The Game On! Diet, I’ve been eating five small meals a day, each meal balanced between carbs, healthy fats, and protein, and have significantly cut my portions down in size. The only processed food that I’ve been eating are reduced fat Wheat Thins because, hello… they’re like crack and I love them. But, long story short, I’ve had little to no indigestion, no break-outs on my face, no empty stomach grumbles, and the small patch of dry, itchy, scaly skin on my left inner elbow and behind either of my knees has been non-existent!

Until I hate four slices of an oven baked artisan pizza on my day off… no indigestion thankfully but dang! I felt like crap everywhere else. I felt bloated and it made my stomach hurt. And ever since I ate it (this was on Saturday) I’ve broken out all over my face and my elbow eczema has come back with any angry vengeance. (Of course, that might have more to do with the butt ass cold weather that has swept across California recently.)

I’m so happy with my new diet and having something like that happen only strengthens my desire to keep going as I am. I will not be eating another crappy, processed, greasy pizza (or anything else) for a while… if ever. What a bummer. Or not. Because I feel stronger in my own body – nothing significant yet but it is a change from how I was feeling at the close of the year. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to getting into juicing. I just bought my own juicer today! I’m currently researching juice fasting and will be implementing my own in the coming weeks to detox and start over with a cleansed body.


Hurray for good decisions – I fully intend to keep making them!

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