Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Off Day

I am tired today. So very tired. I don’t know what’s going on as I’ve been feeling so good the last couple of weeks. I started my day off with a juice but perhaps it wasn’t the right thing to do today. My body had other plans for me. Achy all day long, a headache. I’m pretty sure this is what the first few days of my juice detox will feel like as I detox and get rid of all the junk that is inside of my body. I’m ready for it, I am, so don’t think I’m complaining. I know that the detox is necessary to feel the energy that comes later, the glowing skin, the restful sleep. I can’t wait for that part. But today… man, I am going to cook some tofu and a baked potato and lay in bed and watch Heroes on Netflix. It was definitely that kind of a day.

But look what I found on my long-lost-in-the-recesses-of-my-purse camera! Kitteh in the blankets! I sure do love her. She’s so cute. Meow.


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