Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinspiration: Magnetic Make-Up Board

Not too long ago I said that I wanted to start featuring projects on my blog that I pulled off of my Pinterest boards. Well, I am making good on that starting today. I found a project that I really like which produces a pretty unique DIY product that is incredibly functional in my daily life. I’m not a huge make-up afficinado but I am kind of an organization freak. I like things to be organized (but if you came into my apartment right now, you’d never know that). This project will add some order and creativity into my miniscule make-up collection. I took this “Pinspiration” for a magnetic make-up board from the Laura Thoughts blog. Her materials are a little different than mine but pretty close.


Vintage frame from a local antique store – $7
Card stock, Michael’s – $.59
Magnets, pack of 50, Michael’s – $5.99
Toothpick holders (for brushes, etc), Dollar Tree – $1
Acrylic paint & paintbrushes – FREE from my mom’s art supplies stash
Sheet metal, ACE Hardware – $8.99


First, I painted the plastic toothpick holders because I wanted them to be dry when I busted out the hot glue gun and magnets. I layered those babies in two or three layers of acrylic paint. I tried out some make-up and such in them once they were dry and I’m not entirely convinced that they will be effective. But we shall see. I can always paint something else! If all else fails… plan B!


When I bought the sheet metal at ACE Hardware they couldn’t cut it for me, they just had it in this big huge piece. So I got some old ancient looking tin snips from my step-dad’s garage and cut out the piece that I had measured.


Voila! The three layers. I just taped the card stock to the metal and then layered them in the frame with the original cardboard backing that had come with the frame. Then I taped it up to make it extra secure.



I don’t have room on the magnetic board itself for my brushes so I completed a second project, also from Pinterest. I bought a square shaped glass vase and multi-colored accent beads from the Dollar Tree and made a simple holder for all of my brushes.


My work space. I spent a lot of time gluing those damn magnets on there. I should have bought heavier dutier…(??)… magnets.


I had my lunch right by my side, too. Yum.


The finished product on my tiny little bathroom counter. So far it’s integrity is strong!


Up close and personal. I managed to magnetize all of the important stuff. As you can see, I didn’t go with the painted plastic holders. They looked incredibly tacky. But that votive holder that now has all of my pens and mascara in it has SIX magnets on the back and it still wants to fall off. But so far, it’s staying strong. If it fails me, I’ll try the plastic ones. As you can see I have a modest make-up collection but it suits me just fine. I had to put one of my pressed powders away because it fell off the board and crumbled into a million little pieces. Sad day.


And my brushes and other stuff that I didn’t want to put on the board. I don’t even know how to use or what to use most of those brushes but they’re there when I need them. So yay! Project complete!


  1. I love the final result!

  2. how did you find strong enough magnets?? mine did not stick when I tried this!

    1. I bought magnets at Michael's and hot glued them to the make-up itself because the hot glue won't ruin my make-up. Buuuuut.... a day later and most of the magnets are falling off. Some of my make-up pieces like my bronzer and stuff have three to four magnets on the back to keep them on there! I am going to see if I can find industrial strength magnet strips instead because they will lay flat and might hold on stronger. Also, the card stock in between the magnets and the metal might be compromising the hold as well. I will look into fabric if all else fails.