Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bishop Peak–San Luis Obispo

There is a mountain here in San Luis Obispo that is infamous among hikers and locals. Bishop Peak is the first of the seven sister’s here in SLO county and, as far as I know, it is the biggest peak of the seven, too. The mountain has kind of been the center of my life here. I’ve worked at various establishments near it’s base for over a year now and I drive by the mountain everyday. I’ve admired the switchbacks from afar, secretly wanting to be the one to traverse them. It just seemed too high, too crazy, too much.

Behold… Bishop’s Peak. I took this picture in the back country during a walk after work last year. It looks a lot scarier in real life. Take my word for it.


Well… last week I did it. I hiked to the top of Bishop’s Peak. And it was glorious. I went by myself on a Friday afternoon and it took me 3.5 hours to go up and down. The weather was perfect. The skies were clear. It was hot and the higher that I climbed, the hotter that it got. The switchbacks were insane. Just when you think you’re almost there, there are five more switchbacks ahead of you. People come up and down. Good excuses to stop and take a breath while they pass. Eventually, I made it to the top. I was sweating like a mofo, too.  I ran out of water at the top. I ate my lunch up there. I enjoyed the view. I took pride in yet another accomplishment. Reminded myself how awesome I am. And then I put Tegan & Sara on my iPod and I went back down. Took my time. Watched my step. Enjoyed the descent. My legs hurt like a mother when I got to my car. I was sweaty and thirsty. And then I went to the gym and worked on the weights for my arms. And then I went home. And I took a big, deep breath and promised myself that I would do it again. And soon.









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