Saturday, February 2, 2013

Splendid Saturday

Today was a good day. I didn’t do anything spectacular. I didn’t spend an evening out or go anywhere important. I spent most of the day at home, actually. But it was just what I needed. I went for a long walk around Morro Bay with my mom and the dog and then we came home and watched Frankenweenie. I spent most of the afternoon and evening cleaning my apartment which is now beautiful and organized. I took a day off from my dieting, which I do once a week, and I didn’t indulge on too much of anything. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. I have a post that I’m working on that I will deliver soon but for now, enjoy some photos. Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy the Superbowl!

IMG_5932I can’t wait to juice half of these fruits tomorrow.

Lucy had a hard day. Decapitated a bird and got high on catnip. Time for some sleep.

I took a selfie in the gym locker room yesterday.
I’m down 15 lbs and working for 20.

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